Reverse Lead Retrieval

 What is Reverse Lead Retrieval?

A Great Innovation for your trade show!

Reverse Lead Retrieval started as a simple idea: during trade shows, what if everyonenot just exhibitorscould scan each other?

Simple concept, impractical execution: Exchange of information is great, but what of the cost involved with everyone - attendees, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors and staff - each able to scan others electronically?

Solution? Online-Reg Innovation: Only using exhibitor devices, updated software programming has allowed a simple, but revolutionary breakthrough: Every event participant who has been scanned will receive the contact information of the person who scanned them.  For example, each attendee will receive the contact information of the exhibitor (or anyone) who has scanned them - so they can follow-up in reverse.

One Step Further: has developed reverse lead retrieval into a complete Social Networking System by coupling it with Jot™ EventConnect™ at a surprisingly low price point. We call it iExchange™ and invite you to learn more about it.

For our lead retrieval customers, among other innovations, we’ve added reverse lead retrieval technology at no additional cost! Visit Lead Retrieval now…

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