The Jot™ Online Exhibitor Community

Enhance Productivity for Attendees & Exhibitors

Jot Event Connect Social Networking

Trade Show Value for Exhibitors and Attendees...

Creating exposure for exhibitors and access for attendees, the Jot™ Online Exhibitor Community is a cost effective way to add value and productivity to your conference and trade show by extending the event online - often without cost to the organizer!

Attract Valuable Exhibitors, Attendees and Sponsors!

Your exhibitors receive a greater ROI from the extended trade show exposure and lead development, creating a superior value for attending. Being able to browse exhibitor products and services online, send questions, download brochures, or request appointments before the trade show even begins, your attendees receive greater value too. In addition, Jot™ is designed to attract major Sponsorships with exceptional brand exposure.

Key Jot Features & Options Include:

— The Exhibitor Profile Page

The Exhibitor Premium Profile Page is designed to generate interest and valuable leads before the trade show even begins.  Able to be updated with a company logo, product or service listings, photos, brochures, and booth staff, the Exhibitor Premium Profile Page can be searched or browsed by any registered attendee – before, during, and after the trade show.

— Jot LeadMatch™

An exceptional innovation and value to exhibitors and attendees! Jot LeadMatch ™ scans through attendee and exhibitor records collected during registration and from updated profile pages to provide qualified leads to exhibitors and attendees who want to connect.  Leads can also be generated when attendees indicate interest while browsing the Online Exhibitor Community before, during, and after the actual trade show.

— The Appointments Calendar

Event organizers have control over requesting and accepting appointments. When enabled, participants can request and accept appointments with each other. Requests will be sent to both calendars and updated based on the response. Schedules can be printed, or synchronized with Outlook calendars.

Event Messaging, Social Networking & Trade Show Browsing

Attendees use their own mobile phones and laptops to search for and message others, or browse the Online Exhibitors Community, at any time. A Cyber Café option is available to support Jot™ search and messaging functions, as well.

Communicate Better While Reducing Paper Consumption!

Trade show organizers may email broadcast to everyone or specific groups, post & view the event agenda, post online surveys and other information, or create event discussion forums to draw in attendee participation and support. Attendees have access via their mobile phones and laptops, or onsite at the Cyber Café.

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